There are very shocking and also surprising sleeping facts came into existence with the help of research. These facts are like you never think about them. Also, they also provide you adequate knowledge to heal and treat your sleeping habits and styles, so without wasting time let’s go with the facts.

Human being has the ability to sleep with the open eyes

According to scientists among all the creatures or we can say living beings human brain is considered as the most creative an innovative. The example is in front of our eyes. Yes, a human being can sleep with the open eyes anytime without came into the notice of anyone. And we are usually doing this in offices and classrooms.

Your babies can steal your sleep

If you are new in the parenting world then it is very important for you to know that your baby is going to steal most of your sleep. Yes according to some figures and facts people who became new parents can lose around 45 days of the sleep due to their babies.

Low oxygen can disturb your sleep

Yes, if you are traveling or living in a place where the amount of oxygen is less than usual then your sleep may get disturbed. This is strange and also not true for all the people. Because some of them became habitual to sleep in these conditions so you never know how their sleep will react for that.

Like sleep talking deaf can use sign language during sleeping

People used to talk while sleeping due to thoughts came in their mind as well as due to their dreams. Now, this is hilarious that people who are deaf can also hear and talk while sleeping with the help of their sign language. This is a very new thing to know, I guess for everyone.

You may also grow while sleeping

People who are in their growing stages can grow almost 3 inches while sleeping. So start tracking your kid’s and your growth to check the fact practically.

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